Vitamin D for Better Mood, Immunity, and Much More!!!

By: Ayulent Healthcare

Apart from it being familiar with the sunshine vitamin, it is also a vital vitamin that affects almost every cell in the body. Deficiencies of it are linked to lowering the immunity of the body which makes it more susceptible to infections and also autoimmunity. Vitamin D is said to improve our overall health.

The deficiency of vitamin D is immediately shown in the body when it happens. Isn’t it?? Why do you think so? It is because of the vital role it plays in almost 3000 genes. It also helps in keeping the infections at bay by producing antimicrobial peptides.

Apart from immunity, it is also said to play a great role in having a good mood. It is one of the low-cost effective methods of treating depression. So, this says that there is a connection between vitamin D and mental health too.

So, one of the sources which every one of us is aware of to get vitamin D is through the sun. But, is it possible for all of considering our current lifestyle that we are exposed to the sun enough. Definitely not. It is a good practice to check the level of vitamin D at regular intervals. So why not through the natural food source???  There is a scarcity of food sources that are rich in vitamin D. 

Most multivitamins contain 400 IU of vitamin D, but you shouldn’t just take two because the vitamin A in the pill may interfere with the vitamin D. The best way is through supplement in D3 form. Ensure to know about the supplement and the source of vitamin D3 before you take it. As most of them are not from the plant-based source. Ayulent Vitamin D3 capsules are from the plant-based source – Lichens and encapsulated in a vegetarian capsule which is gluten-free, halal certified, and kosher certified which is easy to swallow and odorless.

Yet another advantage of vitamin D and a less known fact to many is that it helps in weight loss. The shortage of it also reduces the level of serotonin in the body, which affects sleep and mood raising the cortisol levels in the body. Which affects the weight and hinders the weight loss progress and even hits the plateau.

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