Who Are We


Founder Of Orgalto Naturals Inc

Growing up I’ve always been in love with nature and was obsessed with it from a very early age.

When I moved to Canada, I noticed a surprising lack of natural health supplements and it’s various variety in dietary restrictions in the local marketplace, since growing up I was always surrounded with natural health
supplements and vitamins from the get go.

In order to end the shortage of natural supplements, I decided to start a business venture called Orgalto which I derived from the word organic which is symbolic of the company’s work rooted in nature.

With the help and support of my family, I am elated to present my very own line of natural health care supplements with Orgalto.

Our Motto :

Research, Innovation, Service, And Quality


We practice R.I.S.Q to ensure that we provide quality products with extensive research and development with a hint of innovation to ensure quality service and customer satisfaction !

Excel At

We never miss investment opportunities in staff training and technology in order to improve our products and make the manufacturing process more efficient.

Additionally, we are one of the few naturally occurring ingredient-based supplement manufacturers who are equipped with the proper infrastructure, an expert team, and advanced technology to formulate and manufacture natural health products while ensuring potency and consistency from one batch to the next batch.

We pride ourselves at being completely transparent about our manufacturing process and natural health products.

Our 3 Main Assets Are:

Our industrial

Our knowledge of materials & processes

Our highly skilled

Our Team

At Ayulent, we have an excellent team of researchers, pharmacists, and chemists whose job is to ensure the best of nature reaches you through our quality products.

We also have a dedicated executive team that is responsible for maintaining good consumer relations and keeping our consumers best interest ahead.

Why Us?

  • We focus greatly on research & development of our products.
  • We ensure the best results for the consumers by constantly improving our products.
  • We offer superior quality & maximum value, as we have high standards for quality.
  • We maintain consistency of potency from batch to batch.
  • We do not use GMOs for our products. We are GMP certified.


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