Sustainability at Ayulent

We are committed to taking steps to reduce any kind of usage that impacts environment. One such steps is our step towards usage of our outer packaging of the supplement boxes which are embedded with seeds. Let’s together plant the plant of hope for better tomorrow.

Step 1

Tear the paper into small pieces and plant it in a pot under half inch soil and moist it with little water.

Step 2

Make sure you keep watering the sprouts and exposing them to sunlight.

Step 3

Sit back, relax and enjoy watching your sprout slowly grow and become a plant.

Plantable Seed Envelopes

What’s next?


Plantable envelopes are the first of many more initiatives from our end.
We are working on many other engagements towards sustainability. In the meantime, don’t forget that our blisters are packed in recyclable material.

Get In Touch!

We also encourage you to join the conversation and send us any of your ideas or suggestions around sustainability at!

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