Does Sleep Play a Vital Role in Keeping the Body Away from Illness?

By: Ayulent Healthcare

Sleep has a direct relation to wellbeing. During sleep, your body and mind recover and prepares your body for the next day. But due to a lack of sleeping, not only you’ll feel tired, but also, you’ll have diseases like heart problems, stroke, diabetes, and so on. Besides, your physical safety will be under threat.

If you want your body and brain to be healthy and in good state, enough high-quality sleep is a must. Besides, sleep plays a vital role in bodily processes such as the growth and development of a human body. But when you have a lack of sleep, your body parts will have less time to recover. This will lead to weakened immune system and eventually you’ll be exposed to various diseases.

There can be several reasons behind sleep deficiency. But in most cases, people suffer from sleep deficiency due to irregularities in lifestyle. Besides, workload and underlying medical conditions can be the reasons behind this problem.

Effects of Sleep Deficiency

1. High Blood Pressure

Usually, during sleep, the blood pressure of the human body decreases. But when your body doesn’t get enough rest, blood pressure remains high, and as a result, you start to have a high blood pressure problem. If you have someone in your family tree who has a heart-related problem, you should be more concerned about your sleep. Because chances are, you’ll have a heart-related problem too due to sleep deficiency.

2. Obesity Problem

During sleep, your body not only goes to a rested state but also releases important hormones like Ghrelin and Leptin.

Ghrelin is the hormone, which gives the sensation of hungriness. On the other hand, Leptin gives you the feeling of fullness. But when you don’t have enough high-quality sleep, the secretion of ghrelin hormone increases, but Leptin decreases. As a result, you’ll start to feel hungrier and end up getting obese.

3. Compromised Immune System

Apart from hormone secretions, the human body produces T-cells when the body goes rested state. But when you have sleep deficiency, your body won’t get enough time to produce enough T-cells and cytokines. As a result, your body will be exposed to various diseases, and you’ll become sick. Besides, you’ll have a different type of inflammations.

Again, as people age, these T-cells and cytokines start to get lower. If you’re an older person and don’t have enough sleep, your immune system will be compromised more and increase the health risks.

4. Uncontrolled Diabetes

As I mentioned earlier, during sleep, the human body produces many hormones, and insulin is one of them. When you have enough high-quality sleep, the production of your insulin level will be high. As a result, your diabetes will remain at a good level. But when you don’t have enough sleep (7 to 8 hours), the production of insulin will be decreased, and as a result, you’ll have uncontrolled diabetes. Besides, the chances of having Type-2 diabetes will be increased. Eventually, you’ll have other diseases as well for your uncontrolled diabetes.

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