Can We Build Healthy Habits Which Last Long Time?

By: Ayulent Healthcare

Building a habit takes a lot of time and requires determination. But once you build a habit, it stays with you forever. It is also the same for building healthy habits such as exercising every day, quitting smoking, doing meditation, etc.

So, now the question comes, is it possible to build healthy habits, which will last a long time? Yes, but for this, you’ll need solid reasons and readiness.

For example, if you want to lose weight, you’ll have to exercise daily. But this isn’t an easy task. You’ll see many people start exercising and a few days later, they return to their old lifestyle. One of the main reasons behind this is that they don’t have valid reasons to get fit. And as a result, they don’t become mentally ready and end up going back to their old lifestyle. That’s why it’s important to have a valid reason to build a healthy habit. After you’ve got a valid reason, it’s time to prepare yourself mentally.

When you’re both mentally prepared and have reasons, now take one day at a time. Don’t look too far; take baby steps. Keep yourself motivated all the time, and don’t forget to give yourself rewards after you complete your daily goals.

According to many researchers, it takes about 21 to 25 days to build a healthy habit. So, fix a short goal and work accordingly. If you do so, no one can stop you from building a healthy habit that you were wanting for years. But first, you need to have some reasons and mental readiness.

Here Are a Few Tips for Building Healthy Habits that Will Last Long Time

1. Record Your Progress

Whether it’s about exercising or walking, when you keep a record of your progress, it gets easier automatically. When you have a record book, subconsciously, you’ll feel the motivation to do the activity. As a result, you’ll start to build a new healthy habit. Again, when you a record book, you’ll have the feeling of accomplishment. This will motivate you to continue the healthy habit, and eventually, you’ll end up building a healthy habit.

There are a number of apps on the internet, which will help you track the progress. For example, if you want to lose weight, you can use fitness apps. These apps allow you to set daily goals and send notifications to you daily so that you don’t forget to do the activity.

2. Take One Step at a Time

Let’s say you want to stop eating sugar. But if you completely quit eating sugar from the first day of your new routine, it won’t last long. At some point, you’ll feel the urge to eat sugar and end up ruining your healthy habit. To solve this problem, you’ll have to take baby steps.

If you eat four spoons of sugar daily, reduce it to two spoons of sugar for the first few weeks. After few weeks, reduce it by one spoon at a time. Thus, you won’t have that craving, and slowly you’ll get used to your new routine.

3. Have a Cheat Day or Break

You probably have seen Dwayne Johnson on Instagram enjoying a cheat day every Sunday. Do you know the reason behind this?

It keeps a person motivated to stick to his or her goal. So, if you’re feeling to have a break from your routine, take a break; have a bite of your favorite cheesecake. But don’t prolong this break. Otherwise, you won’t be able to get back to your routine. It’s recommended that you have a cheat day every week or two. This will give you a boost to follow your routine and build a healthy habit.

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